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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Charlie's Bar - Somers Point NJ

by A.W.K. VP Owen Brennan

​After a morning of hanging out with a group of 7 of my veteran friends, nothing better than seeking out the best wing spot, ordering a couple towers of beer, watching football and telling hilarious military stories. That’s just what we did. The wing spot, Charlie’s Bar. We were all helping a Senator film a commercial in Northfield. When we were dismissed, I had to ask a local veteran, “Where’s the best wing spot around here?” 4 out of the 7 people simultaneously said, with enthusiasm, ”CHARLIE’S!!!!” So the convey began. An Atlantic City police officer had point, an Army Ranger brought up the rear. Me, well, I got to ride with one of the coolest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of being friends with, Bill Brown, 8 year Navy veteran.

​We ordered 70 wings. 35 were Southwest BBQ, the rest were honey BBQ. I had the SW BBQ in front of me so I stuck with them. They were the full wings, which I’m not really fond of but these were pretty tasty. I thought they were pressure cooked or something because the meat came right off of the bone. Decent size too! I’ve never heard of “southwest bbq” before, and I love trying new flavors. The sauce was mild, and kinda sweet. I can’t really compare the flavor to anything because it was so unique. Definitely an amazing flavor. The service was phenomenal too I might add. We always had plenty of napkins, our glasses were always full, and if anyone needed anything, our server, Amanda, was on top of it! Everyone was very friendly in there too. The former Chief of Police of Atlantic City bought us all a round too which was pretty awesome.

​If you decide to visit Charlie’s Bar, make sure you bring cash, they do not accept cards. Conveniently they do have an ATM machine though. Plenty of parking, and very easy to get back on the Garden State Parkway.

Charlie’s Bar and Restaurant,

800 Shore Rd, Somers Point NJ


Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Sat: 7am-3am
Sunday: 9am-3am
Breakfast: Sunday Only 9am til 1pm
Lunch: 11am-4pm
Dinner: 4pm-12 midnight
Grand Menu: til 2am every night


Monday, September 19, 2011

Dominic's Tavern - Bellmawr NJ

 I visited Dominic’s Tavern in Bellmawr after my friend, Sean Tighe, raved about their “Fat Daddy” wings. After belonging to the Camden County Emerald Society Pipes and Drums band for about a year, which is headquartered about a mile from Dominic’s Tavern, I cannot believe that I wasn’t informed sooner of this fine establishment. Sean told me that the wings were awesome there. I’ve heard that before and I’ve been disappointed. NOT THIS TIME! Outstanding wings. Sean was right on about their Fat Daddy wings. The sauce had a little kick to it, and was unlike any other sauce I’ve ever had. It was a very odd mixture of hot sauce, cheddar cheese and ranch dressing! WHAT!? Insane combo but was absolutely amazing!
​Whenever I go to a new place with someone, I always take their word on what wings to get, since that’s what we do. Sean also ordered an order of honey bbq, and garlic hot. The honey bbq wings were really sweet and had a delightful after taste. My 3 year old son, Cameron “The Wing Prince” Brennan, tore them up. Not spicy at all, with a sweet, smokey barbeque taste. I’m not a huge fan of really super spicy wings, and the garlic hot sauce was HOT. I could only eat one of them. If you decide to order any type of wings from Dominic’s, and it says hot, trust me, its freaking hot! Sean tore them up though, gotta give him props for that!
​Dominic’s Tavern wings come in orders of 10. Each order, with blue cheese and celery, is only $5.95. I must add, they were some of the biggest, meatiest wings in the area. That means a lot to the Wing Kings. I was stuffed after eating about 8 wings. Another good thing about Dominic’s is the little Phillies helmets they give to kids. Cameron ordered little soft pretzel bites with cheddar cheese dip, and they came out in a little Phillies helmet! We ordered 30 wings, pretzel bites, a hot dog (Cameron’s choice) 2 sodas, an apple juice (Cameron again) and Sean and I had 6 beers, and the bill was under $50. It was definitely worth every penny. I will be returning to Dominic’s Tavern again, and if you do too, make sure you tell them that The American Wing Kings sent you!
Written by A.W.K. VP Owen Brennan

Dominic’s Tavern
100 E Browning Rd, Bellmawr, NJ
 (856) 931-4742

Wing bowl 20 - February 3rd 2012

Wingbowl 2012 will be the 20 year anniversary and will be held on February 3rd 2012 . Keep checking back for the American Wing King party for Wingbowl!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


On this Debut Episode ..We go to Fransesca's In Mt. Laurel and try Gus' Nuclear Bomb Sauce and put the customers to a challenge!