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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Golden Nugget Tavern - Berlin NJ

Over the years people have been constantly recommending a place in Berlin NJ called the Golden Nugget . A few years ago the establishment burned down due to a bad fire, it was finally rebuilt last year. Today I finally had an opportunity to visit . I brought along Ragan and my son Bryson for his first wing review ( he slept through most of the lunch ) . GN is located off Rt 30 and easy to get to. Has a nice size parking lot, and the building is deceiving , because inside it looks about twice as big from the outside. The bar is a "working mans" bar , and has that country feel to it's surroundings . Walls have deer / bear heads, Kenny chesney posters and I even saw an old timer wearing his finest cowboy hat at lunch time. The service was courteous and the menu was surprisingly well optioned for a bar. We ordered the buffalo scallops for an appetizer . I am always a little skirmish about eating seafood at a place that isn't a seafood restaurant primarily , but these scallops fried in wing sauce were the real secret. We ordered 30 wings and I may have held too high hopes. We got the wings and dug in, but they were not as stellar as I had envisioned. They were average in my opinion. The wings had a lack of variety and only came in mild and hot. They also were average size. On plus side the Service was quick though and they gave a big side of blue cheese. The place has a lot of history , and might have the best wings in Berlin , but I rate the wings as average overall. If you like a country atmosphere then this is a good place to stop for lunch . Try the Buffalo Scallops!

Golden Nugget Tavern
433 New Freedon Rd,
Berlin NJ
856 809 2695

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