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Friday, July 13, 2012

Spicy Wing Challenge - 3rd annual - wood ridge NJ

Buffalo’s Chicken Shack of Wood Ridge, NJ will be hosting its Third Annual “Spicy Wing Challenge” eating contest. In this contest challengers will compete for the title of “Buffalo King” based on the challenger that can eat the largest amount of our spiciest wings within the given time limit. These are Jumbo Buffalo Wings that will be sauced with Buffalo’s secret recipe “NUMB YA FACE” spicy buffalo sauce that is measured at more than 500,000 SHU. There will be plenty of water, milk and ice on hand for the dropouts that’ll need special “cool me down” attention. This will be a great and fun event for the challengers as well as spectators.

Buffalo’s “Spicy Wing Challenge” will be held on August 25, 2012 3pm at Buffalo’s Chicken Shack, 261 Hackensack St. Wood Ridge, NJ 07075. Contact Miles at 201-481-5585 or at Buffalo’s 201-728-4477. For participant sign up, sponsorship or judging opportunities and additional details visit

Buffalo’s Chicken Shack, (a.k.a. “Buffalo’s”) is a privately owned new and exciting family style quick service restaurant in Wood Ridge, NJ near the Meadowlands. It is a family owned restaurant offering traditional recipes to create exciting and delicious food, unique sauces including our own “NUMB YA FACE” buffalo sauce and other store made sauces. Buffalo’s Chicken Shack sports a “western” atmosphere with a focus on good food at good prices. “Buffalo’s” serves up Chicken N’ Waffles, BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Fried Chicken, Buffalo Sandwiches, Hand Patty Burgers, Fried Turkey Wings and desserts daily. In addition to the above, Buffalo’s Chicken Shack serves “Jumbo” Buffalo Wings using proprietary sauces ranging from Sweet Thai through Numb Ya Face made on premises using locally sourced fresh ingredients.