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Monday, March 25, 2013

Vegan Wings - Gunner's Run - Philadelphia Pa

By : Peter Cicali

How can I be a vegan and still eat wings? Vegan wings!! I have been vegan for over a year now and sometimes occasionally I miss eating wings. Over time the craving passes and I forget about eating wings until a few weeks ago I went to Gunner’s Run in Philadelphia. It seem like a normal bar where I thought I would have the normal bar food and thought I would be having my dinner as liquid! But no, to my surprise they have vegan wings on the menu! Vegan wings? What are they made of, are they truly vegan, vegan wings? Well they are vegan, made of seitan,made from gluten, the main protein of wheat. I decided to order some and see if they were any good. They had five different flavors to choose from, hot, bbq, spicy bbq, teriyaki, jamacian jerk. I decided to go with bbq and couldn’t wait until they came. After a little wait they came out hot and I started to dig in. The “wings” had a nice crunch to them, I am guessing they were covered with flour and deep fried. Did I mention they came with a vegan sour cream sauce? Well they did and it tasted amazing, just adding to the over all flavor of the wings. Even my brother who was with me and loves chicken wings said the vegan wings were better than the chicken wings. Overall the “wings” were great and I would highly recommend them to vegans or carnivores. It was also nice to be able to share a meal with people who are not vegan and like to eat meat. It is very uncommon that restaurants serve both options. So the next time you are in Philadelphia and looking for some wings check out Gunner’s Run, you won’t regret it and maybe if you are a carnivore you will give the vegan wings a try.

Gunners Run
1001 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA
Mon-Fri 5pm–2am
Sat-Sun 11am–2am

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